AVGA Golf Championship Rules


  • Local Rules
    All Resort Roads are considered out of bounds. If a ball comes to rest ON or ACROSS a resort road, it is out of bounds.Local Rule

  • Drop Zones
    Drop Zones are located on hole #2 (right of green #2), hole #3 (most forward T box), hole #12 (Red T box)

  • Water Hazard
    Lateral Harzard

  • Provisional Ball
    Provisional Ball

  • Abnormal Ground Conditions
    Abnormal Ground

  • Markers
    MarkerPlayers are to “call out” their score to their “Marker”. Driver of Cart A will be the “Marker” for Cart B’s players and driver of Cart B will be the “Marker” for Cart A’s players.

  • Scoring System
    We will use Callaway Scoring System for all players in this event. For more information, please check out @atlantavga2017Callaway System Chart